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If you would like your own personal recruiting player page, we'd love to see you at one of our upcoming recruiting combines. Every player who attends a combine gets his own page that he can show to college coaches from all over. (Click HERE) for our 2019 schedule.
If you would like to update information on your page, please have your coach contact us for a password. He will have the ability to do all of that for you. Click 'H.S. Coach Access' to the right of this for more information.
Coaches can e-mail Mike Bakas (mikebakas81@gmail.com) for a password. Please provide your name, high school, and cell phone number when requesting access. Once you have a password, click on the 'Coach Access' link to the right of the search button below.
The contact information for each player is for college coaches only. If you’re a college coach and want access to that information for our entire database, please contact Mike Bakas (mikebakas81@gmail.com) to obtain a password.
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Deonte DeasBlanche Ely
Gregory WinstonBlanche Ely
James JeanBlanche Ely
Johnny GuerrierBlanche Ely
Jorses TilasBlanche Ely
Justin OlibriceBlanche Ely
Markevious RoachBlanche Ely
Montel JordanBlanche Ely
Randolph FarringtonBlanche Ely
Rashawn DavisBlanche Ely
Rawlee DavisBlanche Ely
Richard MorrisBlanche Ely
Rochelin RomainBlanche Ely
Sayquan ArchieBlanche Ely
Teddrick MoffettBlanche Ely
Therrell GosierBlanche Ely
Thomas GeddisBlanche Ely
Rawlee Davis IIIBlanche Ely
Randolph Brian Farrington Jr.Blanche Ely
Teddrick Moffett Jr.Blanche Ely
David Francis Jr.Blanche Ely