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STEP IT UP Exposure Package


For just $39.99/year, we will make sure your information gets in front of over 1,000 college coaches. Read on to learn more.

Step It Up is a 6th year company designed to connect high school football players from around the country with college coaches. There are currently over 7,500 players in our database. Click HERE to see some of our top players who have signed major scholarships in the past.

According to the NCAA, less than 7-percent of all high school football players will have a chance to play college football at that level. We can help increase your chances through our college exposure package.

Here are all the details and how to submit your information:

1) Recruiting Profile on our website — This will contain absolutely everything a college coach needs to see in order to start recruiting you. Information on this page includes a player’s name, photo, size, SIU scouting comments, academic information, hudl link, and social media accounts. It also contains contact information, which is only visible to college coaches. Any updates that need to be made to the Recruiting Profile will be done via email. Here’s a sample Recruiting Profile:

2) Three Reports to College Coaches  — We send out three reports every year that go out to over 1,000 college coaches at every level. Recruiting coordinators from big schools to small schools, from Florida to California, will receive this list. The information they will receive on each player includes player’s name, high school, position, size, speed, cell phone number, email address, GPA/SAT/ACT, link to player’s social media account, and hudl link. The list will be sent in Excel format via email. All information on every player who has signed up will be included. This is a great way for college coaches to see the information needed to start recruiting a player.

3) One Twitter Mention Per Month — With several thousand followers on Twitter, including college coaches at every level, SIU will profile its players on a regular basis. Any player who signs up will have his information profiled once a month for college coaches to see. This information contained on this highlight is what college coaches want to see. All players who sign up will get 12 of these per year, giving them lots of social media exposure. Here’s an example of one of those monthly Twitter mentions:

To tremendously increase your chances of playing college football one day, all of this will be done for just $39.99/year.  To sign up for this college exposure package, please fill out the form below. You’ll be asked to make a secured payment (via PayPal) after you submit the information below. Once payment is received, your information will begin getting in front of lots of college coaches.